Ultimate Guide to mobile Cases, Covers, & their Types.

If you have a mobile phone, then definitely you have debated about the cell phone cases. Before buying a new case check out different types of cell phone cases and covers with different uses and functionalities.

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Mobile phone pouches

1. Leather Phone Cases and Pouches

Leather is a tough material and adds an extra layer of protection to your phone. Leather mobile phone cases are made of pure leather and have their own look and texture. A plastic mobile case can put scratches on your phone so many people prefer to use phone pouches made of pure leather.

Leather mobile phone case
Photo by Jonas Elia on Unsplash

2. Waterproof Phone Pouches

Waterproof phone pouches are like waterproof bags that can protect your phone in the water. Don’t worry if your phone is not waterproof and you love swimming. Waterproof phone pouches can fully protect your phone from water. Waterproof pouches are only used in water and when you came out of the water you can again use your normal pouch.

Waterproof mobile phone case
“MWC Barcelona 2013 – waterproof cases” by Janitors is licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Clip on Phone Pouches and Covers

Clip-on phone pouches are like normal other pouches. Just have a cover on/off clip attached to it. These kinds of pouches were popular in the early days but not much popular now.

Clipon cellphone cover

4. Silicon Phone Cases

Silicon phone cases are a very popular type of phone case and many phone companies provide a simple, clear, and thin silicone case with the phone. These phone cases are mostly thin, lightweight, and transparent.

Silicone cases also provide good protection. People who want to have a clear phone case and a thin phone case should go for a silicone phone case.

Clear silicon cellphone pouch
Photo by Eduardo Barbosa from Pexels

5. Clear Phone Cases

Silicon phone cases are mostly clear phone cases. If you want to show your phone’s identity and brand go for a transparent or clear phone case.

*A clear silicone phone case is shown above.

6. Plastic Phone Cases and Covers

Plastic phone cases are not much recommended by experts as plastic phone cases can’t absorb shocks on impact. And if a plastic phone case is not made of good quality plastic then it can put scratches on your phone.

7. Wooden Phone Cases and Covers

As it is clear from the name these phone cases are made of wood. And can be costlier than other types of phone covers. You can have an engraved wooden phone case according to your own choice.

Cellphone case made of wood

Importance of phone cases

We have discussed different types of phone cases, covers and pouches now let’s see how much these cell phone cases are important and why.

Phone cases are necessary for your phone to protect it from different kinds of scratches and external damages. You may feel that phone cases are useless but wait mobile cases have many benefits as discussed below.


The primary purpose of the phone case is to protect your mobile phone from accidental damages. The phone case protects the body of your cell phone and saves it from external damage.


Cell phone cases were initially designed and used for cell phone protection but now people use cell phone cases to stylize their cell phones. You can also customize your phone according to events or gatherings you are going to attend by just changing your phone’s case as you can’t change your phone often.

Functionality & Affordability

Modern cell phone cases offer different types of functionalities like movie stand, waterproofing and back grip, etc. Cell phone cases are not very expensive but can protect your very expensive device from accidents.

Increase Resale Value.

Many people use their phone for some time and then they prefer to buy a new model. If you are one of them and change your phone more often then you must have a cell phone case to get a good resale value as phone cases keep your devices clean and scratch less.

So if you want to get a good resale value of your phone then protect it with a good quality phone case.