Top Cellphone Accessories and Gadgets to shop in 2023.

Cell phones are one of the basic needs of everyone. In this era of technology, almost everyone from young to old carries a cell phone in his/her pocket. Cellphones have replaced many gadgets like radios, flashlights, cameras, remote-controls, and in some cases even TV.

Cellphone often comes with basic accessories like a charger, data cable, hand-free, sim ejector tool, etc. But now some companies including Apple started selling these basic accessories separately even chargers for new iPhones.

Girl with cellphone accessories

Other than basic accessories there are other varieties of gadgets and accessories available in the market to increase the functionality of your handset.

Mobiles of the modern era can perform a variety of tasks some of them can be performed directly from mobile phones but some of them require additional accessories or gadgets. And many kinds of gadgets and accessories are also available in the market to make this versatile gadget beautiful and awesome.

Let’s check the list of accessories and gadgets that make your cell phone more beautiful and versatile.

1. Cell Phone Cases & Pouches

The phone cases are one of the most used cell phone accessories or gadgets. One of the primary reasons to use a mobile phone pouch is that you cannot change your cell phone every day but yes you can change your cell phone case to look different. You can have different types and colors of cell phone cases for different events and gatherings.

There are different types of cell phone cases available in the market. Mostly used cases are clear phone cases, otterbox phone cases, thin phone cases, leather phone cases, clip-on phone cases, silicone phone cases, and many others. You can have different types of cellphone cases according to your own choice.

2. Glass Screen Protector

Sometimes people prefer to apply a glass screen protector just after buying the phone. It saves the original phone screen from scratches and from breaking during an accidental drop of your phone. And you can also change the glass screen protector after some time to give a fresh look to your phone.

Now even tempered glass screen protectors are also available.

3. VR (Virtual reality) Box

Recently Facebook changes its name to Meta. This name came from the upcoming technology Metaverse (Virtual Reality).  VR boxes give access to the world of virtual reality. You can wear this gadget to watch virtual reality videos on your mobile phone. This small gadget can take you anywhere you want to go in the virtual world.

Girl wearing VR glasses.
Photo by Sound On from Pexels

4. Smart Led Flashlight

Almost every phone has a built-in flashlight. This gadget is mostly used for selfies. But if you want different color light or more brightness for professional photography or other purposes then an additional mobile flashlight is the best option. This mobile gadget is less expensive and portable. This light works on your Type-C or micro USB port.

5. Power Bank

One of the most used cell phone accessories is a Power bank. Cell phones can run out of batteries anywhere anytime so a power bank can help you to charge your cell phone even when you are away from your sweat home.

 It can help a lot during traveling, camping, and other activities. Now power banks are even coming with exciting features like torchlight and solar charge ability etc.

Power Bank

6. Cellphone Charm

A cellphone Charm is a girly gadget as it is mostly used by girls. It comes in different beautiful designs and shapes. It remains hanging with the phone and increases the beauty of your cellphone.

Cell Phone charms are also known as phone danglers, phone chains, phone lanyards, and phone straps. Cell phone charms are more popular among younger users as a way to personalize their smartphones.

Cat face cellphone Charm
Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

7. Smart Phone Fan

Small phone fans take power from the cell phone battery and can be used for various tasks as a personal fan in hot summers (can be used for a short time).

Phone fans start working when connected to the phone’s OTG (on-the-go) port. This small gadget will also work with your power banks. You should have one just for fun and it may help in the time of need.

USB Mini Fan

8. Hand-free, Headphones or Earbuds

Mobile phones hands-free or headphones are the must-have cell phone accessories. In earlier days good quality hands-free was given with the cell phone but now you have to buy them separately.

Now there are different types of mobile headphones are available like earbuds, earphones, and other battery-powered wireless headphones. These gadgets can be connected to the phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Ear Buds or Ear Dots

9. Small Bluetooth Speakers

Sometimes you want to listen to music with your family members or friends instead of listening alone using hands-free this smart Bluetooth speaker can help you. You can connect your cell phone with this gadget through Bluetooth.

These speakers are portable, battery-powered, and can be taken outside for small gatherings and camping sites. Google’s nest audio is also an example of this kind of speaker.

Smart Speakers
By Y2kcrazyjoker4 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=84394292

10. Gyro Phone Stabilizer or Phone Stand

If you want to create cinematic quality videos and pictures, then the Gyro Phone stabilizer is the most important gadget. It stabilizes the phone camera during recordings.

You can also use other available stands and tripods for this purpose. But Gyro Phone stabilizer can be cost-effective and you can also use it while walking. Most V-loggers have this gadget to record stabilized videos for their viewers.

Gyro Phone stabilizer.

11. Dual-Sided USB Pen drive

You are already aware of this gadget and have most probably used it for a long time.

But USB with one end having a Type-A connector and the other end having a Type-C connector is also available. Through a Type-A connector, you can connect it to your computer, and through Type-C or micro USB connector, you can connect it to your cell phone using OTG (On The Go) support.

12. Lenses for Mobile Camera

Again if you want to have high-quality pictures and you can’t have DSLR or another professional camera. Your mobile phone can do this job for you. There are different kinds of cinematic-quality mobile camera lenses available that can turn your phone into a professional camera. These lenses are also less expensive than other camera lenses.

Mobile Camera Lens
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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