TOP 10 Pet accessories-Keep your cats/dogs happy

There are millions of pet lovers around the world. And they try to keep their pets happy and healthy but in this busy world, pet care is becoming more and more difficult. But don’t worry technology is always there to help as it is an old saying ” necessity is the mother of invention”. So there are countless gadgets and PetSmart devices available in the market that can bring ease to your busy routine life. But wait let’s check our list of amazing gadgets that can save your time to find the best in the market.

1. Automatic Pet Feeder

If you have a pet( dog or cat) you have to feed the dog or any other pet you have every day. So pet feeder is used every day in your home it may be a metal dog bowl stand or an elevated dog food stand but here is the new solution. An automatic WIFI-controlled pet feeder that can help you a lot even if your pet is alone at home.

Auto feeder
“File:Futterautomat mit RFID – pet feeder, cat feeder, RFID controlled.JPG” by Giraldillo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

2. Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

This gadget is awesome to keep an eye on your pet from anywhere. You can check the activities of your dogs and cats while you are away from them. It has another smart feature that is a treat dispenser that can engage your pet any time by throwing food from it remotely.

treat dispenser for pets
“Pet feeder robot at IFA Berlin 2018” by marcoverch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Smart Water Fountain for Pets

As it is clear from its name water fountain for pets. This gadget is used by your cat or dog to drink water easily from it. Different companies manufacture it and it comes with different designs. You can choose according to your house design and pet behavior.

water fountain for pets
Photo by Anna Stampfli on Unsplash

4. Tag Pet Collar and Tracker

Sometimes pets get lost and it’s a difficult task to find them. But here is an easy solution a GPS-enabled collar. This gadget can save a lot of time when you are not seeing your pet around. And yes the collar is also used to handle your per easily, especially if the pet is a big dog like American bully, German shepherd, Golden retriever, Rottweiler, Cane Corso, Doberman, Border collie Labrador retriever, Bull terrier Siberian husky, or any other dog difficult to handle.

Pets collar and tracker
Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

5. Pet Washer 360

Pet washing is a necessary task on weekends. You can make it an easy task by having one of the many available Pet washing gadgets. Pet washer 360 can save your time and make it easy for you.

pet smart shower
“Bathroom To A Dog” by aqua.mech is licensed under CC BY 2.0

6. Sports Camera to Capture Amazing Shots

You can attach a sports camera like GoPro or any other cheap sports camera on your pets to get amazing videos and still images to post on your social media accounts. You can also share these images with your family and friends. You cant go there where your pet can go so be ready for amazing moments.

smart sports camera

7. Smart Pet Door

Give your dogs and cats freedom to go and come to your house by not keeping the door always open. The smart door comes with a key that attaches to your dog or cat’s collar. When your pet walks towards the smart door it senses the key and opens the door for them. So unauthorized animals and intruders will not be able to get into your home but your cats and dogs will have the freedom to come and go.

smart door for pets
“iris-hose-pet-door-820×420” by hnnbz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

8. Pet Nail clippers

Regular clippers for human nails are not just the wrong shape for your pet, they more easily hurt & damage your pet’s nails. especially designed clippers are the perfect size and shape to cut through a dog’s or cat’s nail. Normal clippers squeeze and cause unnecessary pain something that no dog lover wants.

Pet nail Clipper
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

9. Cat/Dog Hair Remover

If you own a dog or a cat then you have already faced the problem of pet hairs. Hairs of dogs and cats spread everywhere from clothes to couches and from beds to chairs. So to remove this hair you must have this tool. It’s easily available in the market and on amazon.

Pet Hair Remover
“Removing pet hair from lounge with OXO fur remover” by DogLab is licensed under CC BY 2.0

10. Smart Toys

To make your pets happy and healthy you have to play with them and provide them toys to play around with those toys. There are different kinds of toys available in the market from simple rubber balls to smart laser-enabled toys. Don’t let your pets feel alone let them play with you and with themselves. In this way, they will be happy and healthy.

sad Dog with toys

* DIY ( Do it Yourself) tip to remove hairs of Pets: Take a paint roller wrap duct tape around it while up facing the sticky side of duct tape and then use that paint roller on any surface (bed, sofas, couches, etc.) having hairs. Please share your experience in the comments if you like our DIY tip.

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