The Reality of Built-In Free VPN From Edge Browser

Microsoft Adding Built-IN Free VPN To Its Edge Browser

While Google Chrome and Firefox are reluctant to provide free Virtual Private Network services, Microsoft is going to take lead by providing free built-in VPN services for its users as per Microsoft’s official support page. But there will be limitations.

Edge Browser Free VPN

Currently, Opera Browser is providing free built-in VPN services to its users. And other main players in the market like chrome and firefox are not providing free VPN. And now Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Edge browser will have a free VPN. Free Virtual Private Network will be added in the security upgrade named ” Edge Secure”.

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1. Limitations of Edge Browser’s VPN

But Edge Browser’s Virtual Private Network will come with limitations. Users have to sign in to their Microsoft account to access the free VPN services and Microsoft will track the users’ data which will be removed in 25 hours. And a user will only be allowed to use 1 GB of data in a month.

2. Microsoft Edge Browser VS Google Chrome

Browsers from Microsoft are pre-installed with the windows and were not popular among users but the edge browser gained popularity. Now even some users are moving from chrome to edge browser because Microsoft Edge is also based on Chromium and uses less RAM as compared to google chrome. Google chrome is widely known for eating too much RAM.

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3. Built-In free VPN – Microsoft Edge VS Opera

Edge browser from Microsoft will have a free built-in VPN but the Opera web browser is already providing free VPN services. As MS edge will come with limitations Opera is free of limitations. Opera has already captured the market of free VPN users. In the future to compete with Opera and attract more users Microsoft edge will come with fewer limitations and improved Virtual Private Network services.

Opera Browser
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4. Conclusion

Microsoft Edge browser will have a built-In free VPN but with limitations. Opera browser is already providing free Virtual Private Network services. Microsoft Edge is going to have a slight edge over Google Chrome after the built-in Virtual Private Network.

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