The Best Smartwatches and their 7 types For Men & Women

Smart Watches evolved from spring-driven clocks, which first came out in 15th-century Europe. Watches were not mostly worn until the 17th century. The concept of wristwatches goes back to the development of the earliest watches in the 16th century.

Spring Driven 17th Century watch
By Philipp Melanchthon – Walters Art Museum: Public Domain,
No, wait we are not here to tell you the history of watches. We are going to share the most advanced and the best smartwatches trending in the market.

Smartwatch is the most commonly used gadget for men and women. There are a lot of good companies in the market today manufacturing smartwatches. As Apple fitness, Wolf, Casio edifice, Zenith, Frogman, Samsung smartwatch, Fossil smartwatch, Garmin smartwatch, and many others. And they release new variants frequently due to high competition and fast R&D (research and development).

Smart watch
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There are different types of smartwatches available according to their usage, design, and feature. Their types are discussed below let’s have a look.

1. General or Common Use Smartwatches

The most popular kind of smartwatch is the General use smartwatch. These watches are manufactured to be fit for a wide range of occasions. These smartwatches are made to be a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Many smartwatches will have an inbuilt global positioning system (GPS), media controls, the ability to phone calls, and to help them accomplish these different types of tasks, they will mostly have a comprehensive operating system.

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2. Fitness Centered Smartwatches

These smartwatches are designed for health-conscious and fitness focussed people. Usually, these smartwatches are made of lighter material (aluminum or plastic) as compared to other smartwatches and are relatively smaller in size.

Most of the time these types of smartwatches do have music storage, Bluetooth connectivity, heartrate sensors, fitness records, and other health and fitness-related features.

Photo by Luismi Sánchez on Unsplash

3. Luxury Smartwatches

Luxury smartwatches are used by high-end fashion seekers and wealthy people. Designed for those who want to show their class. These watches may have extraordinary features and use precious stones and metals.

If you are not brand conscious and a millionaire then you can get a better device at relatively low prices.


There are a lot of similarities between luxury smartwatches & general smartwatches as many of them have the same underlying operating system such as WearOS. The main difference between the two types is that you are paying a hefty amount of money for the high-end look & recognizable brand. For example, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Conor McGregor watches, and Frederique Constant.

4. GPS and GNSS Smartwatches

GPS (Global Positioning System) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) smartwatches are mostly used by hikers, bikers, mountain climbers, and other outdoor adventurists.

Photo by Cezar Sampaio on Unsplash

At a first glance, GPS or GNSS smartwatches might look similar to fitness-focused smartwatches as they both have GPS and track your activities. The main difference is the accuracy & real-time feedback from a GPS and GNSS supported watch. Fitness-focused smartwatches are handy for amateur fitness enthusiasts but are not reliable enough for professional or elite athletes.

5. Hybrid Smartwatches

A hybrid smartwatch is a traditional analog watch but still contains an operating system, sensors, and can also communicate with your cell phone. This allows it to perform all the tracking features such as tracking your heart rate or your workouts but without the interaction with the smartwatch’s layout.

Smart watch

Most of the hybrid smartwatches have a small display within the main dial of the watch, although the display might be big only to show your daily workouts or to show you the new notifications on your phone. One of the key benefits of these types of gadgets is battery life. Without a typical display, a hybrid smartwatch can last longer on one charge.

6. Budget Smartwatches

As it is clear from the title these types of smartwatches are designed to have maximum smart features at low prices. These smartwatches are very common.

Smart Watches
Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

7. Smartwatches for Specific Sport or Purpose

Yes as it is clear from the title these kinds of smartwatches are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Or designed for a specific sport like golf.

Garmin Approach is an example of a golf smartwatch. Garmin smartwatch has more features for golf players including maps of courses, GPS (global positioning system) holes tracking, etc.


There are other smartwatches designed for skydivers, rowers, and skiing. The negative side to these watches is that they are more expensive than regular smartwatches. And provide a good return if you are a regular player of that sport.

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