How to Install New Updated Windows 11 | 3 Methods

Windows 11

Windows 11 is very different from previous versions of Windows OS and Microsoft is updating it regularly to improve performance. Windows 11 has some unusual minimum system requirements. So it is a little bit difficult to install this OS on unsupported PCs but don’t worry I am going to share the easiest way to install windows 11 on unsupported PCs.

Before moving to further let’s check the minimum requirements to install Windows 11.

Minimum Requirements to Install Windows 11

There is a long list of official requirements for Windows 11 but the important requirements are mentioned below. To check the complete list, click here or download the PC Health Check app.

Processor1 GHz (Gigahertz) or faster with two or more cores
Processor type64-bit or SoC
Storage64 GB Plus (recommended)
System firmwareUEFI (firmware)
Secure BootYes
TPMTrusted Platform Module version 2.0
Graphics-CardCompatible with DirectX 12 with 2.0 WDDM driver
DisplayHD (720p) greater than 9”
Minimum Requirements

If your PC is unsupported don’t worry. These are official minimum requirements. This OS can be installed on unsupported PCs with some tricks that I am going to share with you.

How to Download and Install Windows 11.

There are 3 different methods to install Windows 11. Let’s have a look.


1. Windows 11 “Installation Assistant” Method.

If you are already using Windows 10, version 2004 or later then you can go with this method.

Just wait for updates go to Windows Updates->Settings->Update and Security and update to Windows 11.

2. Windows 11 “Installation Media”.

Create Media of Windows 11 on a USB or DVD through this method and update as many PCs as you want to Windows 11. To use this method, Click here choose this method and follow the given instructions

You can go with this method if your PC is fully compatible with the official minimum requirements otherwise go to the next method.

3. Download and install Windows 11 from USB Using Disk Image (ISO) file.

This is the best and my personal favorite method to install any version of Microsoft Windows.

In this method, you will get the ISO file and create a bootable USB drive to install this new OS.

This method is my favorite because you just keep the downloaded ISO file with you on your computer or laptop and use it anytime to upgrade any PC to Windows 11—no need to download the 5+ GB Operating System setup again and again.

Follow the step-by-step installation process.

1. Download Windows 11 ISO File.

Click here to download the ISO file from the official website of Microsoft. Go to the 3rd option and click on download.

2. Create a Bootable USB drive.

  • Download and Run Rufus (1.3 MB) software to create a Bootable USB drive.
  • Select the USB drive and path of the downloaded ISO file.
  • Click start and choose requirements to remove by default only the first option is checked if you want to remove other requirements check other options also and click OK
  • Click OK to a Warning message and wait for the USB to get ready.
How Install Windows 11


Windows 11 Requirements

3. Install Windows 11 from the USB drive.

  • Plugin USB drive into the PC you want to upgrade the new operating system.
  • Open the USB drive and click on the “Setup” file and click next, next… and OK, OK to instruction.
  • Your installation is in progress. Now relax for some time as it will take a while to complete.
Click Next and Ok until the installation process starts.

After the completion of the installation process, Windows welcome screen will ask for some options to enable or disable just choose those options according to your choice and your new Windows OS is ready to use.

Welcome to Windows 11.

Windows 11 Welcome
Desktop View | Main Screen

Remove the USB drive and now you can use this flash drive to upgrade other PCs to the new Windows Operating System. You can use this USB drive on as many PCs as you want until you delete the content of the USB drive.

We await your feedback If you have successfully upgraded to the new Operating System. And If you are still facing problems let us know in Comments.