ChatGPT by OpenAI | Everything You Need to Know

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT by OpenAI viral ChatBot
ChatGPT by OpenAI viral ChatBot

If you aren’t aware of what ChatGPT is, this is your guide to the viral bot that everyone is talking about.

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer or simply ChatGPT is a Chabot developed by the US-based company OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence language model developed to generate human-like text output based on input received. It can be used for various applications like content generation, customer service, question-answering, etc.

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Note: ChatGPT is trained on multi-hundred terabytes of text data till 2021. Its information can be outdated and irrelevant sometimes. It is launched as a free research preview to get public feedback. OpenAI is continuously improving ChatGPT.

•             The Chatbot, which drew more than one million users after its launch, is attracting more investors to generative artificial intelligence.

•             ChatGPT is developed by the same company that released the viral AI art generator DALL-E.

•             If you are not following the craze of this bot, here’s how it works and how you can use this Chatbot.

Why this artificial intelligence bot Is blowing everyone’s mind

This AI Chatbot can answer questions and write computer programs and essays. Now you can pay to get premium services.

You should pay attention to this viral chatbot even if you are not very much interested in artificial intelligence. As it can help you to solve your routine as well as business problems. It can even remember the previous responses and can generate a new response based on the previous one.

IS ChatGPT free | Free VS Paid

For now, you can use it for free. ChatGPT is released in November 2022 but in January 2023 they added a paid version. The free version of this Chatbot has limitations like paid version responds faster, and keeps on working during peak hours when the free version says “ChatGPT is at capacity right now”. Unlike the free version which contains limited responses per hour the paid version has no limitations.

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You can get paid version for 20 USD per month and OpenAI said that it will add new features to its paid version.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

To some extent YES it is better than google search but wait google supplies you suggested answers, links to other websites, graphics guide, and lets you choose the best. But ChatGPT’s responses can look authoritative but be misleading and wrong.  Its answers need to be verified as this bot gives you raw text without any links and citations.

But surely this development of OpenAI created panic in within Google and it is easy to say that GPT-3 is a rival of Google. After the release of this bot Google and Microsoft accelerated their work on artificial intelligence-powered conversation. Microsoft is in negotiations with OpenAI to add GPT-3 and GPT-4 to its search engine Bing.

Recently Google announced that it will release its AI-based bot known as Bard powered by Google’s own AI-based Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA).

How to access ChatGPT

ChatGPT is very easy to use. Just go to their website or click on this link. Sign up using an email and mobile number. After successful sign up now you are ready to use the service. Just log in using your credentials and start asking questions to the bot. You can also log in using a google account if you don’t want to sign up using another email address or mobile number.

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How to earn money using ChatGPT

In the beginning, people were using it just for fun and research purposes but now after understanding the power of this AI Chatbot people are getting more curious to earn money using Chatbot.

As it can perform a variety of tasks so one can use it in many ways to earn money for example.

1.            Write lengthy and beautiful marketing emails in a very short time.

2.            One can also sell services of writing ad copy and can use this bot to write ad copies.

3.            Give services on websites like and fulfill the orders using ChatGPT.

4.            You can write articles for your website.

5.            As a content writer it is easy to generate content using this bot and you can sell the content after some changings

There can be a variety of ways to earn money using ChatGPT the only limitation is your imagination.

What type of questions can you ask from ChatGPT?

You can ask any questions from the bot but you might not get a required response. ChatGPT will not disclose any secrets to you it will give you information available in the public domain.

You can ask for programming help or a birthday party idea. I asked it to write a song, and it responded, but it was not a good song to sing. You can ask it to write an article on any topic and it will write it for you.

Some of the conversations between me and ChatGPT are given below.

Q1. You are trained on how much data?

A1. “I was trained on a massive amount of text data, estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of words. This training data was collected from the internet and includes a wide range of topics, such as articles, websites, books, and more.”

Q2. You are trained on how much data in terabytes?

A2. “The exact size of the training data in terabytes is not publicly disclosed by OpenAI, but it is estimated to be in the multiple 100 of terabytes. This amount of data allows me to generate responses that are diverse and coherent.”

Q3. Do you access other websites and google to generate responses or do you have your own already established database?

A3. “As a language model, I don’t have the ability to access the internet or other websites to generate my responses. Instead, I have been trained on a large amount of text data and use that training to generate responses based on patterns I learned in that data. This means that my responses are based on the information and language patterns present in the training data. Still, I don’t have the ability to search the web or access updated information in real-time. My knowledge cutoff is 2021, so the information I provide may be outdated or no longer accurate.”

Q4. Generate keywords for Chatgpt

A4. Artificial intelligence, Language model, OpenAI, Natural language processing, Machine learning, Conversational AI, Generative model, Text generation, AI language model, Chatbot technology, Robust language understanding, Neural networks, Automated responses, Intelligent conversation, and Data-driven insights.

Some screenshots from Chatbot are shared below. Go and try ChatGPT by yourself and be ready to amaze.

ChatGPT by OpenAI Screenshot
ChatGPT by OpenAI Screenshot

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